Software Reviews from Innkeepers

March 2016

I'll tell you, I've owned the B&B for 13 years now and have changed the booking software probably close to a  dozen times with companies that claim this or that. What you guys have in this booking engine, by far is the best thing I've ever seen. Exceeds all my expectations and just a terrific all around application. Ease of use, continued new features, information, support, and on top of that the website you built me is just super.
Well done man. So, so happy I found you guys and came on board....
Joe Giovanetti
Beauclaires Bed & Breakfast Inn
Cape May, NJ


I'm sitting here at a (conference) class and hearing (from other vendors) about the same thing you guys have been doing for years.... can't believe how behind so many others are and (how many) outfits are reinventing your wheels!

Mike Osmers
Southcourt Inn
Luray, VA


December 2015

We are so pleased. We paid off our mortgage thanks to Innkeeper's Advantage.

Phil Teller
Riverwood B&B
Kettle Falls WA

October 2015

It is a miracle. Working with you is a real God send.

Sara Doe
The Canal Park Inn
New York, New York


September 2014

I wanted to tell you how fortunate we were to find you, (thanks Pam!) and to thank you for the wonderful job you have done not only in developing our new beautiful website, but dealing with 2 high energy clients e.g. Joe and myself, that feel like they have just given birth! You are amazingly talented, and I will never stop heeding your welcomed advise. Everything is working so well. Thanks so much!

Elly and Joe Tierney,
Chez Amis Bed & Breakfast,
Historic Annapolis

March 2013

Cindy, Felix, and Alyssa

I was making some website changes and, once again, was hit with how much easier it is to accomplish what I want to do. I really can't thank you enough for what an excellent platform you provide me. Your hard work, commitment to excellence and customer service, and willingness to accommodate most of my quirky requests has made one part of the complexities of innkeeping something close to a breeze.
I wouldn't want to do this without you.

Profoundly grateful,

March 2012

I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for all your effort on my website. You two are a dynamic duo who has found a perfect niche for your talents and personalities and I feel blessed to have encountered you. The new site has all of the individuality of the old, but with more pizazz and the myriad benefits of the new platform. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.


Hartzell House Bed and Breakfast
Addision, PA

Looks marvelous.... everything... I just sat back this morning...feeling great about it all... this big sigh came.... then a booking just came in with everything looking perfect.... just like it's supposed to....egads and little fishes... only way it can get better right now is maybe another booking.... or two.... nah ... that's getting greedy.... :)


(Follow Up)


I was reminded by a guest this morning of what an incredible combination we are... you... your team... Ellen and me... working together to achieve the goals we have for our B&B... we've been working with you several years now... first with your booking system... then switching to your hosting/platform at Innkeeper's Advantage. The best move we've made in our 13 years of innkeeping.  
I love the way everything works... I can tweak away to my heart's content with your system... if I find something that I think could change in some way to better enhance our site, I know I can count on your team to find some way to fix things to accomplish almost anything we want to accomplish.
Our guests thanked us this morning for having such an incredible site... better than all the others they looked at, as they searched where to go for their "special weekend away"... they loved not only the design... but how every question they had was answered as they easily clicked around on the site... they could just book right online then and know exactly what they were getting. When they arrived last night, everything was exactly what they expected and more.
Other sites had been vague... they could not find answers to their questions... it seemed almost that they were being forced to call the inn about too many things.
You helped us way above and beyond, to get our site to communicate exactly who we are and what we are offering to prospective guests... it helped us to a record breaking year in 2011 in the midst of a major ongoing downturn in the economy. Thank you for that.
People find us because of your great optimization of the site... first or second page on google... even if the search criteria is simply "Bed & Breakfast in Vermont"... thank you for that.  
Thank you for reasonable rates. Thank you for your integrity... for your willingness to always be available on the phone... your willingness to tell us what you think regardless whether we agree or not... your willingness to try new and different things for us... you and your team are always there for us.
I have been self-employed for 55 years, with many different business relationships over those years... never have I had one quite like this... thank you for this unique and wonderful experience.  

Philip Wolff
Village Victorian Bed and Breakfast
Morrisville, VT

Dear Cindy,

It is a terrific pleasure working with you and your staff. We can not thank you enough for optimizing our site and giving us the ability to make changes to our own website. The phone is ringing again and the online bookings are coming in. In these tough economic times it's good to know we can work with a company who values our business. Your support is wonderful, and we look forward to working with you for a long time.

Warm regards,
Pam & Dallas Fritz


BF Hiestand House B&B
Relaxed Elegance in Lancaster County
Pam & Dallas Fritz,
Innkeepers 722 E. Market St.
Marietta, PA 17547
Phone: 1-877-560-8415

"After recently deciding to redesign and upgrade our 5 year-old website, we researched several different potential vendors before deciding to work with Innkeeper's Advantage.  Besides their competitive price structure, we felt that IA's flexible and fully-integrated system would give us exactly what we were looking for. We chose the "Premium Plan", with an online reservation system built right into the website, meaning that we won't have to spend money for a separate guest management system.  And even though we aren't very tech savvy, the system is designed so that we can make changes and updates very easily on our own.

The new design is fantastic and makes the site much more appealing and easier for our guests to use.  We're very grateful to the staff for all of the personal attention that they provided throughout the design process.  They have been extremely responsive to our questions and have provided great ideas and insight to make sure we maximize the site's impact.  We look forward to the success of our new site and to working with Innkeeper's Advantage for many years to come."

Orquida and Dan Ingraham, Innkeepers
Afton Mountain Bed & Breakfast, Afton, Virginia

"We are so happy we found Innkeeper's Advantage. Their staff has been very friendly and cooperative, and the system is extremely user-friendly. We fully expect that the Website they have helped us develop will maximize our Internet exposure. It certainly makes it easy for our customers to learn what we have to offer and to make reservations with convenience and security. Innkeeper's Advantage has helped us become more efficient in our day to day operations and monthly accounting. Thanks to Innkeeper's Advantage we expect our business to grow, even with the weak economy we're dealing with.

Jerry and Gaila Brandon, Innkeepers
The Riverview Hotel, St Mary's GA